Facts for Employers

Become a hero by hiring a hero! All across Missouri, members of our armed services are returning home after serving courageously on the world’s battlefields.

Many businesses like yours are giving these veterans the ultimate ‘thank you’ by allowing them to serve productively in their various careers. Governor Nixon would like to reward these efforts by including your business name among those supporting our ‘Show-Me Heroes.’ This initiative was recently launched to showcase Missouri businesses that are willing to pledge to consider hiring a Missouri Veteran for their job openings.

Just by submitting this simple electronic form, your business’s name will be prominently displayed along with the names of every other employer who has pledged to hire a Missouri Veteran.

We encourage you to connect with Veterans looking for a job through jobs.mo.gov. Our staff will be happy to work with you throughout the hiring process.

The “Show-Me Heroes” Pledge of Support

Employers designated as supporters of “Show-Me Heroes” acknowledge the burdens and sacrifices made by members of our Armed Forces in order to preserve our national security. They also recognize that many of these Veterans, in addition to current members of the National Guard and Reserve, are seeking work with Missouri employers and possess the training, education, motivation, and character that are vital in today’s workforce.

Supporters of “Show-Me Heroes” pledge to:

  • Reach out to Missouri’s Veterans and members of our National Guard and Reserve in order to employ excellence in Missouri’s workforce.
  • Take full advantage of Show-Me Heroes to effectively match qualified Veteran and members of our National Guard and Reserve job seekers with appropriate job openings.
  • Provide increased employment interview occasions and enhanced hiring opportunities to our Veterans and members of our National Guard and Reserve of the Great State of Missouri.

Thank you in advance for taking the pledge to support our Show-Me Heroes.

Dedicated Veterans Outreach Staff

If you would like to discuss your immediate or future employment opportunities, click on the link below for the contact information of your closest Veterans Outreach Staff person